South West Region

What is a Centre?

If you are new to the Club, you may not actually know what a ‘Centre’ is!

The Caravan and Motorhome Club has 64 Centres throughout the UK, from the Scottish Highlands to Devon and Cornwall, each Centre is run by volunteers elected by their members at Centre AGMs. 

Centres are geographically-based groups who organise rallies and events as well as other activities for their members, and provide a great social hub throughout the year.  Centre events can be in an interesting or scenic location within their area and can include a prepared meal, musical entertainment or children’s activities and sports.  Centres also provide assistance to the Club in supporting the work that the Club does as well as the events which the Club organizes. 

All Club members are welcome at rallies/events and you don’t have to be a member of a Centre to take part!  However if you wish to attend/vote at a Centre AGM, then you must be a member of that Centre.  Don’t forget that membership of a Centre is free of charge.