South West Region

 It has been noticed, on another social media page, that a question was asked about rallies and were they all in a field without facilities.  For those who have yet to experience a rally or Centre Event here are a few bits of information which we hope will help you make a decision.

Firstly not all rallies/events are in fields, some yes but not all.  However if they are there is always a supply of drinking water and chemical toilet and grey waste emptying facilities.  Rubbish facilities are sometimes provided but normally this should be taken home with you.  Sometimes there can also be electric hook up as well.

School playgrounds are very popular with Centres especially in the winter as they have hardstanding and again these will include the same facilities as above.

Whether the event is being held at a Stately Home, on an English Heritage Site, a Farmer’s field or school playgrounds, battery power is ‘king’ - there should be no problem with using a battery for the weekend or longer, provided it is fully charged and in good condition.  Solar panels help with this although not so much in the winter!  Don’t forget that the cost per night per unit could be as low as £6.00 plus vat!

Commercial Sites frequently offer bookings to Centre’s, sometimes at a reduced rate and offer all the normal facilities that you would expect.  Electric hook up is normally included but every site is different so you should check with the Centre’s Rally Officer/Marshall.

That covers the sites.

Many members have commented that what ‘makes’ a Rally/Event is the friendly atmosphere which is generated by the warm welcome from the Rally Officers and other club members on site.  There may be a social (in former times and hopefully in the future) which could include food, music, games or a quiz but if you don’t want to join in then that’s fine, that is the beauty of a Centre Rally/Event! 

Don’t forget that you can find out about Rallies/Events by visiting Centre’s website and the CAMC website.  Club has produced a list of every rally or event which is taking place in 2021 all over the country and you can access this from the Latest News Page on our website, just follow the link.  The South West Region has also put together a list of Events being held by the 10 Centres within our Region which you can also access from this website, go to Centre Information, Centre Weekend Events or Centre Holiday Events and click on the link.

If you haven’t joined a rally or Centre Event we hope that this information will prompt you to give it a try.