South West Region

What is an Independent Member and what is their function? 

We will try and answer this for you. Each Regional Council can co-opt up to 3 CAMC members who are not registered with a Centre and who would like to become more involved with their fellow members and the Club to sit on the Regional Council.

The role of an Independent Member is to take on board the concerns, ideas and suggestions put forward by non-centre members and bring these to the Regional Council for discussion and where appropriate to take it to the Club for consideration. An Independent Member represents all members who live within the area covered by the Regional Council and who are not registered with a Centre.

I hope that this will give you a little insight into the role and please have a look at our existing Independent Member’s page to hear, in his own words, how he has been able to join in with the Regional Council.  For John Condie's Page Click Here

For more information on becoming an independent member of the south West Region Click Here